HBOhio – Run Away!

Jackie (our co-host for the LAN) did so much to make the event awesome, but one baked good begged a visual …

Grunt cake

The only thing better than pizza is cake, and the only thing better than cake is a Halo-themed cake. Nice!


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


  1. I have been keeping up on your LAN posts because, well, i’m nosey and want to see what you guys got up to. Looks like you had a blast. Look forward to hearing more tales. That cake looks infected though….Did you ‘grunt’ in satisfaction when you took a bite! (terrible jokes both of them sorry)


    1. Quim,

      Thanks for the comment and I always appreciate the views. It was a fantastic time, and I’ll get a summary post out pretty soon.

      Yes, both jokes were terrible. Yes, both of them had to be said. Well done sir, well done. 😀


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