Enjoy that extra nose hole

After recent eventsHalo 3: OSDT Firefight has been on my brain and I’ve been looking for anyone to oblige.

Currer isn’t the biggest fan (quote “too stressful!”) of the mode – she’s more of a Reach girl – so I was glad the Woaf was willing to step up to the limited-life-craziness and take on the Covenant with me.

ODST Firefight on Crater

We played Alpha Site and after 58 minutes and 5 seconds found ourselves at the end of a good time. (We also played some Crater and Security Zone on Heroic a few nights later, but didn’t last nearly as long.)

The intensity was right where it needed to be with hammers slamming, brutes charging and plasma grenades exploding all over the place.

Many thanks to Corporal Taylor H. Miles for providing the post title.


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


  1. Sounds awesome. I was playing coop campaign yesterday. Me and my friend were exploring Mombasa at night, dodging Covenant patrols. The game has an amazing atmosphere. It’s seriously the best in the series by a mile.


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