Action Sack is Action!

Back in Reach I didn’t get into the Action Sack playlist too much, but with Halo 4 that’s changed – and while I’m surprised, it’s a good thing.

An amazing Halo 4 screenshot by o Sh3Wolf o. Check out her fileshare by clicking above

Binary Slayer did it for me. Handing me the most powerful weapon with unlimited ammo and infinite boost? It’s a great way to use a weapon I don’t nearly enough time with in multiplayer.

Next up – Rocks and Rails. While I’m definitely a rocket guy, but this game type forces me to use the rail gun and that helps balance things out. The jet-packing on this mode is insane by the way.

Finally Lightning Flag. I have a love/hate relationship with this mode – usually I love to hate it. But if paired with the right crew to help me laugh at the fact that I’m dying … every … half … second .. then I’m good 🙂

Here we have a great example of what keeps me coming back to Halo – there’s always the chance that my game can expand into something I would have thought possible a few games before.

At this rate maybe I should give Flood (Infection) mode another try?

You’re right – let’s not get too crazy.


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


  1. Binary slayer and Rock n Rails kick arse. I’ve only had very limited experience with both I played a few games with Woaf, Tom and Cakes but was instantly enamoured, I’d love to play more maybe catch you online this weekend if you’re about?


    1. That would – of course – rock. I’ll try to be about on Sunday and we can hit up ye olde Action Sack playlist.

      I’m about a third of the way through the big double-digit podcast – enjoying the Star Wars breakdown!


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