A Complex Move and other news

The recent Halo Bulletin mentioned that the multiplayer map Complex will be doing some shifting around – and when the music stops it will be in Big Team Battle as opposed to it’s point of origin, Infinity Slayer.

I’m interested to see how this move goes down – as a 4v4 it did seem just a tad too big, but as 8v8 will it get a little crowded?


Like I said – looking forward to how it plays out. I love that the maps are versatile enough to handle a change like this, or at least that we get the chance to see if they do.

There was something else – in both Infinity Slayer and Big Team Battle “voting options [will be] reorganized to provide increased variety.”

Good to hear – I was under the impression that the only BTB maps for Halo 4 were “Exile” and “Ragnarok.” 😉


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