Out of the Blue – Nameplates of Awesome

One of the hardest things to communicate to someone who doesn’t game (board, video or otherwise) is the friendships that seem to spring out of nowhere.

You can just meet someone on-line or in person, and if you have similar interests in gaming it’s easy to feel like you’ve known each other for years – such is the case with RM Bluethunder.

CurrerBell and I met him through Sal of HaloFanForLife back in the days of Reach and he’s been a regular presence in our games ever since – especially Snipers!

But he’s done more than just bring his ridiculously positive K/D ratio to our teams – he’s also given us what can only be described as the greatest use of Mega Bloks this side of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn:

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(Photography provided by CurrerBell)

Blue went to the New York Comic-Con back in 2012 and attended a Mega Bloks party where he scored some sweet sets, not to mention a few extra pieces.

It’s these pieces that he put to the good use of recreating our gamertags in tiny right-angled form.

These fantastic builds arrived (along with a few extra figures) and Currer and I were blown away – the time he put in building these, and the fact that he would ship them to us on his own dime … awesome, just awesome.

This post is woefully overdue, but CurrerBell and I are glad to finally give a big fat public





>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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