3 Good Finds – /r/Halo, the Halo Archive and Haruspis

The Halo Community continues to surprise me, not only in all the ways it expresses itself but in the all the different places it can be found.

Another way of putting it is when I hear of millions and millions of people buying a Halo game it’s easy to forget that it doesn’t just mean another campaign to play – it means all the people who directly contribute to the community just got a shot in the arm.

More inspiration, more content, and more things for me to react to! I like it 🙂

That said, here are three locations I’ve headed to recently and I encourage you to check out all the Halo goodness they have to offer:

/r/Halo – I’ve spent more time here after CGP Grey put me onto the helpfulness of Reddit, and I have to say it’s the best format I’ve come across for talking about and seeing the new shiny about anything Halo.

There’s even a /r/HaloStory subreddit (among others) where you can go specifically just for good Halo Universe bits. Should you check it out? Yes you should!

Halo Archive A lore-centric Halo site with the goal of “asking the ‘whys and hows’ of our favorite universe”, the site has a lot to offer including their own forum, in-depth articles, and a podcast – the first one just up this week and definitely worth a listen!

One of the things I enjoy about the site in the professionalism – these guys care about what they’re doing and it shows.

It must also be stated that I’m partial to the admins of the site, as they are fellow Ancilla. I may blog on Reactive Bias, but there a few other biases you need to know about. Head over to the Halo Archive!

Haruspis – Written by a man who loves both reading and gaming, you’ll find a detailed level-by-level analysis (here’s the first) of each level in Halo 4 as well as his “30 Days of Halo” on his site.

Great postings here on different parts of the fiction, and that’s something I always enjoy.


While these sites are not new and I’m certainty not the first person to discover them, they’ve recently come to my attention and I’m a better Halo fan because of it.


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