Fall of Reach – Prologue [/r/HBC]

Afterbang over on /r/Halo has started a Halo Book Club, and we’re currently going through The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund. I have permission to post the trivia and discussion points afterbang comes up with, and it’s a good thing – my answers wouldn’t make sense without them!

The original /r/Halo post can be found here.

Please note I had to peek for most of the trivia answers.

Fall of Reach cover (blue)
Epic stories require epic stances

1.) What planet is Blue Team operating on? Jericho VII
2.) Did Blue-Three fill the fougasses with fire or shrapnel? Trick question: both 
3.) Which UNSC Destroyer did Blue Team rendezvous with in orbit after their mission? UNSC Resolute

Discussion Points
1.) This is our first ever view of Spartans and how they work together. What are your thoughts on their team dynamic, such as communication, teamwork, and general attitude?

I thought the Prologue was a good snapshot/intro of the Spartans – you really get a sense of how much time they’ve spent together and how well they know each other based off of the subtle movements and shorts orders that set the stage for their mission to succeed.

That coordination is vital for their survival, and I believe this section hints and how that bond is as important as any other training the Spartan II’s have received.

2.) Blue-Two remarks that there are over a thousand soldiers against their team, and then remarks that it is “piss-poor odds for the little guys.” How many Covenant soldiers do you think the Spartans of Blue-Team could effectively handle?

I’ll echo comments already made that it would depend on what kind of enemy we’re talking about, but a safe answer would be “a sizable chunk of any opposing force”.

3.) The Spartans are described as being able to run 500m uphill in 32 second. This equates to 56.25 km/h or 34.95 mph. They are also able to jog 10km (6.2 miles) in 15 minutes which equates to 40 km/h or 24.85 mph over 10 kilometers. What does this tell you about the Spartans’ fitness levels?

Off the charts (clearly), but I think it puts their abilities safely in the realm of “incredible but grounded”. By setting the framework of their incredible abilities now, the reader can easily accepts the craziness that they pull off in the future.

4.) On his way to the bridge of the UNSC Resolute, the Chief notices that the 3 teams of Spartans, along with 3 division of UNSC Marines were able to completely stonewall the Covenant ground advance. However, the Covenant still glasses the planet. What does this tell you about the Human-Covenant war dynamic?

In a general sense I think it shows that in the waiting game for survival, humanity’s days are numbered. By dominating space the Covenant controls the larger war game and can make better moves based on this.

The UNSC can win, but only in a very specific circumstance – and that puts a big handicap on strategic options.

Prologue is done, and the stage is set.

Any thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what you’re thinking about the story.


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