Fall of Reach – Chapters 1-3 [/r/HBC]

Afterbang over on /r/Halo has started a Halo Book Club, and we’re currently going through The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund. I have permission to post the trivia and discussion points afterbang comes up with, and it’s a good thing – my answers wouldn’t make sense without them!

The original /r/Halo post can be found here.

Please note I had to peek for most of the trivia answers.

Fall of Reach (Gold)
“Guys, can you reach my keys? I can’t move. Seriously.”

1.) What is the name of the diplomatic shuttle and its AI that Keyes and Halsey use in their mission to observe John-117? Han, Toran
2.) What planet is John-117 from? Eridanus II 
3.) What is the name of the AI specifically created for the Spartan program? Déjà 

Discussion Points
1.) Dr. Halsey chose Lieutenant Keyes for her reconnaissance mission because of his ability to keep a secret. What are your thoughts on Lieutenant Keyes and his character?

There are many things that can (and have!) been said of the good Lt. Keyes, but what stuck out to me in this reading was the how the man shows us the different levels that are operating in the Halo Universe.

What I mean is how he breaks down everything and tries to put it in its place, i.e., Dr. Halsey is a civilian and as such she’s a mystery to him – she has authority and knows things a “normal” civilian wouldn’t, so Keyes doesn’t know what to make of her. The level of military/civilian is not easily defined.

The level of duty/orders is illustrated in his actions at trial – sticking by his commanding officer when others did not. Keyes shows the reader what levels are important in the universe by his actions past and present.

2.) What is Dr. Halsey’s first impression of John? What was he doing when they were observing him?

Her first impression seemed to be satisfaction that her survey had identified an excellent specimen – he was strong and fast – but also that he was a boy, “dirty and rude.”

When you’ve been thinking about this project for as long as Halsey has, it must strike you as odd that the object of your project – 117 in this case, playing “king of the hill” – didn’t inherently feel the same sense of importance of what was going to happen as you did.

3.) What are your thoughts on the selection process for Dr. Halsey’s Spartan project?

Classic “ends justify means” thinking; close your eyes until the goal is met, and preferably don’t look back even then.

4.) What are your thoughts on Halsey’s introduction of the program to the trainees?

The best she could do under the circumstances I think. She’s committed to this course of action, but to face what it means – it’s so real at this point – means looking at herself as well.

She probably thought about this moment many times before it happened, but nothing would have prepared her to be the actual “face” of the program for these kids.

Chapters 1-3 complete, and we see the SPARTAN-II program taking shape.

Any thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what you’re thinking about the story.


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