Ninja Assassins are Ninja

The Halo 4 playlist Ninja Assassins hit back on 4.14.14 and finished pretty strong for the time it was given (through 4.27).

(Please note I’m defining “pretty strong” as consistently around 2,000 through the run.)

I thought it looked fun – whenever the words “ninja” and “assassin” get together I’m interested – but it turned out even better than I thought.

No radar, all-black suit and a sword/sniper combo to start? Boys and girls, this one’s a keeper.

Halo Ninja Assassins
Ninja Assassins are Ninja

Here’s a breakdown of what happened at each of the three Ninja levels you were at during the game, but for me it didn’t make any real difference – things were still crazy and I was either looking behind or having a wicked sword duel every other second.

The playlist rotation has since moved on (now on Multi-Team), but due to its popularity Ninja Assassins will return at some point.

I’ll always go Slayer or Big Team Battle first, but I’ve been surprised by how fun some of the new modes for Halo 4 have been.

Ricochet, Binary Slayer and now Ninja Assassins means there’s always something good to go to if I’m tired of being owned the old fashioned way 😀


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


  1. I played one round of Ninja Assassins the other night. It popped up randomly in Action Sack. I thought it was a lot of fun. I found the sword to be much more useful than the sniper. I had to keep moving too much to ever get a good sniper shot. I did have some crazy sword fights. Lots of fun.


      1. Yes! The black armor was very “ninja”. I’m not good at the snapshot either. I hate getting into a close quarters situation on team snipers.


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