Sick with Skulls

Being under the weather has few perks.

Full Kleenexes, hacking coughs and blurry vision as you finish your eighth sneeze in a row aren’t usually associated with good times, but this time was different.

With Halo: The Master Chief Collection fast approaching (and my head cold keeping me grounded) I found the motivation to go skull/achievement hunting in Halo 3 and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Head-shaped calcium deposite
Head-shaped calcium deposit

The Master Chief Collection will bring a whole new list of achievements and skulls to find, so now’s the perfect time to buckle down and grab those head-shaped calcium deposits once and for all.

Iron, Black Eye, Tough Luck, etc. – nabbed’em all.

The Mythic Skulls (from the Mythic Map Pack) were a little trickier (hello, Sandbox), but thanks you YouTube I eventually completed the collection.

Same deal on Halo: CEA – and for tracking them all down the Headhunter and Skulls Taken! achievements popped up.

So to sum up, feeling like crap is actually a great time to get some stuff done you normally don’t find time for.

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