This Side Up – Anniversary Achievements and Campaign

Inspired by my recent skulduggery I’ve kept the ship moving on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and I grabbed a few more achievements:

Look out for the little guys Look Out for the Little Guys

Leave it where it lay Leave It Where It Lay

This side up This Side Up

He's unstoppable! He’s Unstoppable!

(You can get a handy summary of how to get these achievements here.)

I forgot how long the level “Two Betrayals” is on Legendary – phew!

For all of them I used the 2-player option, and unashamedly. As long as I hear the bleep-bloop it’s all good.

Replaying the campaign this way has got me more excited for going through the entire story for Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

I was primarily interested on the vast offering of the MCC’s multiplayer, but now I’m looking forward to the campaign missions more as well.

November 11th is getting closer … 🙂

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