Set your weapons for Hype: Stormtrooper Edition

It’s great to have a new Star Wars movie to look forward to, and the teaser for Episode VII The Force Awakens had some cool moments.

The Millennium Falcon dodging tie fighters across Tatooine, X-wings speeding over water, miniature droids on soccer balls – all something fun to look at.

But let’s cut to the coolest part – stormtroopers! In a sweet-looking updated armor design!

The fourth one back is sleeping, but you wouldn’t know it

Yep, these few shots of everyone’s favorite marksmen gave me the most bang for my buck in the teaser trailer.

Who are they fighting for? Is it some sort of Imperial Remnant? When the Rebellion won, did they just keep these guys in the same uniforms? How can this be after thirty years?

I want to know the current sociopolitical layout of the galaxy far, far away – and the current stromtroopers remind me that I don’t know a thing.

My interest is high though, and that’s what a good teaser trailer should do.


      1. I’m not sure how effective the armor is. Seems to me that one shot from any weapon or even getting hit in the head with a rock is enough to incapacitate the wearer.
        And, I’m sure you know, you don’t have to be able to shoot as long as you look cool.


  1. “…you don’t have to be able to shoot as long as you look cool.” Exactly!

    And rocks are a problem only if thrown by Ewoks – other than that we’re good.


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