Wanderers of Destiny

“Europa View”, a scene from WANDERERS (click to see the film)

A short film by Erik Wernquist recently came to my attention (via Polygon) and it’s fantastic – a look into a possible future of space travel and exploration.

The title comes from, in Mr. Wernquist’s own words:

The title WANDERERS refer partly to the original meaning of the word “planet”. In ancient greek, the planets visible in the sky were collectively called “aster planetes” which means “wandering star”. It also refers to ourselves; for hundreds of thousands of years – the wanderers of the Earth. In time I hope we take that leap off the ground and permanently become wanderers of the sky. Wanderers among the wanderers.

While an enjoyable piece in its own right, my recent time in Destiny added more to the experience as I watched it.

Seeing our own solar system as the new frontier in this film highlighted one of Destiny’s main strengths for me – that it happens in our back yard.

Head to the WANDERERS official site and check this thing out!

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