Post-Thanksgiving Co-op

Recently had a game co-op night at my brother-in-law’s house and we played some new and old favorites.

In the new category:


Pixellated in all the right places

“A hack and slash action adventure, set in a fantasy pixel art environment” per its Steam page, Hammerwatch was the first game we played and it was a great start to the co-op goodness.

The classic top-down view of this title reminds me of games I played back in the day, but can’t remember the name of now 🙂

I chose “Warlock” (Destiny reference) and went at it. A fun game that reminded me that some game mechanics really do stand the test of time.


A “heist game” that had us choosing from several different roles (locksmith, cleaner, pickpocket, etc.) to pull off the perfect series of crimes, Monaco’s art style and cooperative missions were fantastic.

You really did have to work as a team to make each mission work, and the pvp mode was fun as well.

As for the old:

Castle Crashers

Motley crew

I’ve had this game for a while on Xbox Live, but I didn’t get it until everyone else had moved on (the story of my life).

So that made getting to play it with family particularly awesome, and as a bonus my wife really enjoyed it!

I had wanted her to play, but now that she was introduced to it this way she’s on board for me at home. Success!

This game night was a great follow-up to Thanksgiving. Well done.

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