24: Family Matters

We semi-recently finished the latest offering of 24, subtitled “Live Another Day” and Bauer and crew were up to their old tricks.

Jack is back ... again
Jack is back … again

“Old tricks” in this case meaning stopping an evil plot, usually within another more evil plot, while waiting for half the team to betray the other half.

It’s a recipe for drama and I’ve enjoyed the series over the years – not only for the action, but for the question the show constantly throws in your face: “what would you do in this impossible circumstance?”

“Live Another Day” had a strong emphasis on family, no matter which plot thread we were following. Both President Heller and Margot Al-Harazi relied on their families and while each had a different dynamic (to say the least), it was clear family was a huge part of why they did what they did.

This theme was also present for Mr. Bauer as his attachment to Chloe O’Brian – while technically friendship – is as close as family, and their relationship (and the importance of it) came through.

It seems like this may have been the last season for the show, but we’ve heard that before.

24: Live an Additional Day? I could see it happening.

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