Sticking with Ms. Wilder

Recently my oldest said Little House in the Big Woods was boring.

Having not read the book myself, I couldn’t change that fact or argue that it’s not. My wife really enjoyed the entire Little House series, but I had nothing.

Little House Big Woods cover
What could be boring about a house in the woods?

(Except my wife’s excellent taste of course šŸ˜‰ )

So I told her to stick with it – it might have a slow start, but once it gets going you could end up liking it.

One of my favorite series, the Lord of the Rings, started out slow – but once I hit the Council of Elrond I was off and running.

Could the same be true for her and Big Woods?


I’m happy to report she’s loving the book now and my advice paid off … this time!

Nothing wrong with putting down a book that’s not doing it for you (I’m looking at you, Pride & Prejudice), but gets into the wide world of literatureĀ I’m glad she stuck with this one.

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