Cold Comfort – The Game

BBC America’s drama The Game takes the most comforting aspect of the Cold War – knowing exactly who your enemy is – and shoots it in the back of the head.

With silencer equipped.

You spend most of the episodes second-guessing what the real threat is, who may or may not be a traitor, and waiting to see just how they’re going to pull it together at the end.

BBC America The Game
Spies never look directly at the camera

The rest of the time you’re thinking about how much cooler everyone was back in 1972; or at least the spies were anyway.

I enjoyed the series for its sense of history and tight plot that kept me wanting to know the outcome, but the ending did left my feeling a bit empty.

I believe that was the point, but I still wanted something that capped off all the effort the characters – and myself – had put into getting to the end game. Still, it was a well-done series.

If I ever get around to seeing it a second time it would be interesting; when I don’t have to catch my breath on the plot perhaps I’d get a different (or deeper) read on everything.

Bonus Fact: The Game introduced me to Brutalist architecture (the term not the existence). Nice.

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