More Fun Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Playing board/card/any tabletop game with the girls is fun, but now that they’re getting older they’re beginning to move up on the complexity.

Enter Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game – I went a round with each of them, and we had a blast.

Having the ships, cards, dice, dials, firing sticks and everything else out in front of them was a lot to take in but I tried to keep it light and they really seemed to enjoy it.

The might of the Empire

This past year has been a big year for Star Wars in our family, and I was glad to add something else to our list that lets them explore that galaxy far, far away.

We played X-Wing Miniatures Game for the first time together on March 21, 2015


  1. Ah dude, I’ve seen this game kicking around and I so badly want to play it. Now that I know your kids can play it I know that I can too. I’m on something of a table top kick at the moment and I’ve been playing a Pathfinder campaign with some friends. I can’t remember if we’ve ever discussed you having a pc or not? But there’s a really great steam title called Tabletop Simulator which allows you to play so many board games, it’s not quite the same as holding the die and pieces in your own hand but it’s definitely the closest you can get.

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    1. Nice to find out about your tabletop gaming!

      The game is fantastic but be prepared to get slightly obsessed with trying to get everything. The quality is first-rate and it’s a fun game.

      I simplified the rules somewhat, but as my first official miniatures game the rules are very straight forward.

      I do have a (slow) laptop but have not tried out Tabletop Simulator, sounds cool!

      Last thing – I have not yet played Pathfinder but heard very good things. I’d love to hear what other board games you enjoy sometime 😀


      1. I wrote a huge reply to this but I lost it….
        So I will try to recreate it, the other one was witty and brilliant, this one will probably be less so.

        Pathfinder is a great entry point for those wanting to get into D&D without too much hassle. There are pre made campaigns and character sheets which make it so simple, a skilled GM is still required though.

        We mainly play a few things on TTS including;

        Tokaido – You take on the persona of one of a selection of travellers meandering the East sea trail from Kyoto to Edo in ancient Japan, it’s a really calm relaxing game with a really competitive twist.

        Munchkin – A fiercely competitive deck builder which will cause you to fall out with your friends.

        King of Tokyo – Which you’ve played.

        Betrayal at House on the Hill – A weird mix between Cluedo (Clue) and a slasher flick.

        and a few others that escape my mind right now. Check it out on Steam and look at the minimum requirements. Would be great to add you to our table sometime.

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