Intro to Skyrim Scripted!

As we head into a new year I’ve become a part of a new world – on the planet of Nirn in the continent of Tamriel the providence of Skyrim resides, and now I reside in it as well.

I suppose “returned to a new world” would technically be the correct phrase in this case. I started The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim before but in each game I could never get past the overwhelming feeling of being overwhelmed; not being able to game for extended amounts of time I would jump in and out when I could with other games also pressing in for my time – you know the feeling.

But I’m heading back! Why you ask? Two main reasons:

  1. The world and game are worth it; since I last put down Skyrim about two years ago I still think of the game and want to be a part of it
  2. I want to follow through on an idea I had previously – to journal my adventures and therefore be able to jump back in when I could without losing the feeling of being a part of the world

True you have the quest text to help you out and give you a snapshot of where you’re at, but for me it’s always been a little sparse. Those words don’t capture my experience in Skyrim, only my goals.

Skyrim Map
A World of Adventure! And sweet rolls!

So with along with armor, smelting skills and iron arrows I’ll also pack my trusty quill and leather-bound journal to get down my thoughts on what makes the nine holds so facinating to explore.

You are welcome to come along for the ride! If so here are a few starting points to let you know what you can expect:

  • I’m playing on the Xbox One using mods
  • Several cheats are enabled so I can explore the world without the bother of things like “loss of life” or “did I make the right choice?” This is the only play-through of the game that I’ll be doing for the forseeable future and I want to go through it my way
  • There will not be a regular posting schedule – the whole point of keeping a journal of my travels through Skyrim is connected with the fact that I know I won’t be able to explore the world regularly

Last note – a HUGE thank you to The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP). I love to just browse through and see all the connections and articles the world has to offer, and they do fantastic work. Thank you!




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