Skyrim Scripted, Page 2

Middas, 4:40pm, 20th of Last Seed,  4E 201

Rather then stick close to Whiterun as I did in my previous travels I decided to head to the northernmost city in Skyrim – Winterhold, home of the famed College of Winterhold.

City of Winterhold
Heading northward

Most NPCs have encouraged me not to get mixed up in the world of magic, but I believe furthering my education in the arcane arts will benefit (dare I say, save … ?) the world in the long run.

This is a path I’ve never traveled before so it was exciting heading further and further into new territory – I met several fellows along the road:

  • Two Vigilants of Stendarr attempting to keep Skyrim safe from daedra. I learned they were formed after the Oblivion Crises, a reaction to that dark event
  • Cisero – I had met him in my previous game and knew I should make sure (for their sakes) that Vantus Loreius and his wife help him out. I walked in their house at something in the morning and woke Vantus up. We had the discussion  we needed to have so the jester could be on his way
  • Hadring, owner of the Nightgate Inn and all around nice guy. The inn has been in his family for generations and the establishment was the highlight of the small town of Heljarchen
  • Balagog gro-Nolob, the resident mystery man (mystery orc?) of town. Why does he just hang out in the Nightgate’s celler or stare at the small lake next door? Hiding something – or from something I think
  • Ma’dran and his three-person caravan. They were travelling on the road as well
  • M’aiq the Liar, about ten feet off the road standing there … doing nothing. Will I meet him again? Will he lie about something? The suspense!
  • Aranea Ienith, last follower of Azura (or at least the last one who does so at the base of the divine’s statue). I spent the night in a tent right by the statue and she didn’t complain, so we’re cool
  • Two Alik’r Warriors looking for a traitor – I know from previous game that she’s in Whiterun so we’ll see how that turns out

Climbing up the mountain to the Shrine of Azura was epic. There was a storm and visibility was limited so to come upon it at night, rising out of the rock was dramatic and I enjoyed it.

Shrine of Azura in Skyrim
She Rises

I’ve appreciated the lanterns along the road – that mod was well worth it for the warm glow that greets you along each step of the way.

While I’m appreciating things I need to mention the mod that adds deleted content back into the game – the village of Heljarchen (only the Nightgate Inn would be there) wouldn’t have existed if not for this mod in the final game and I’m glad it’s there.

Final appreciation – all the inns in Skyrim seem to only charge ten gold for a night. I don’t know if that’s the law or simple economics, but it’s a deal.

Septims from Skyrim
Accepted at all fine and reputable establishments

Last thing I did was clear out Fort Kastav, making time to check out the captain’s quarters on the second level.

Seeing the coastline of Skyrim for the first time was also a highlight.

I’m close to Winterhold and will get there next time!

Completed Quests:

  • Delayed Burial
  • Visit the Shrine of Azura

Thank you for checking out my latest adventures in the nine holds! Feel free to read the first post in my Skyrim Scripted series to see how things got started.


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