Skyrim Scripted, Page 5

Tirdas, 9:33am, 2nd of Heartfire, 4E 201

Drama at the College of Winterhold continues – Mirabelle gives me the heads up on the Synod, a group of magic-users looking to expand their influence throughout the Empire.

Speaking with her you get the impression that the college just wants to be left alone, but it keeps getting drawn into the world outside. Such is the life of those who have the ability to cosmically change the universe with their will (insert wistful sigh).

Eye of Magnus
“We just want to quietly study magic, but crazy things keep happening.”

Ancano is always in the Hall of Elements just waiting for … something. It’s unnerving.

In a way it’s very much like college – I had trouble finding my way around and got lost several times trying to find my room (first floor in the Hall of Attainment).

Headed back to the Frozen Hearth and saw Orthorn having a drink, so he made it out of Fellglow Keep okay.

White at the inn Sam Guevenne challenged me to a drinking contest, but I declined for now. In my original play through I think that starts a quest where I lose all my stuff and have to get it back, so I’ll wait.
Several assassin’s from the Dark Brotherhood have been attacking me along the road, each with a letter commanding my termination. They haven’t been a problem but I wish I could put a stop to it.
While travelling down to Mzulft I encountered Plautis Carvain and his wife; they haughtily told me to leave them alone. They’re trying to get to a wedding in Solitude but in the two times I’ve encountered them they’ve been going the wrong way. I did think it was cool that they had a hired bodyguard with them.
Still bound for Mzulft I passed the entrance to Windhelm. No need to stop yet but I’ll be back.
It was pouring rain at night during most of this walk to Mzulft and it brought out something I love about not fast travelling through this world – it feels like a world. I couldn’t see anything more then four feet in front of me but I know it’s all out there. Windhelm was just a dark shape but I know there’s a city there. When I come back this way I know it will be a completely different experience, and richer because I’ve traveled this way before.
Mzulft interior
A welcomed change
I made it to Mzulft and (after raiding the storeroom right next door) I entered into one of the coolest locations yet in the game. The steam, gears and incredible shadows thrown about by the Dwarven lamps made it a fantastic and different location then anything I’ve been through up to this point.
I’m not a fan of the dark and dripping dungeons that an adventurer normally comes across in the nine holds, so this was a refreshing change of pace I really enjoyed.
Not only was the setting great but the setting and story were enjoyable – Gavros Plinius dying right as you walk in and setting the stage for what’s to come (mainly a trail of dead Synod members with a very “scientists-who-meddled-too-much-with-what-they-couldn’t-control” vibe), Paratus Decimius speaking to you from behind the door and opening it for you (that was a great game device I didn’t see coming, that there would actually be someone left in the entire place),  the Oculory room where the crystal needed focused to reveal the “magic map” (which I had some help from family and the internet on how to pass) – all these moments made for a fantastic experience.
For all the wonderment below I was glad to breath the fresh air and take in the sun again, emerging above the ruins themselves and heading back for the college along the same rout. Near Windhelm I found M’Aiq the Liar again and for the first time three Revelers, taking their mead and enjoying life.
I love that there sole purpose was to revel in the moment and get you to do the same. Well met!

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