Skyrim Scripted, Page 12

After so much time securing Winterhold and the College, it’s funny to be surprised that yes, there’s more to Skyrim. With that in mind I found myself continuing the main quest and climbing The Throat of the World to the settlement of High Hrothgar.

skyrim throat of the world mountain
The path of 7,000 steps

On the way up the mountain I met Karita, a fellow pilgrim. God speed my friend.

I didn’t remember that the entire group of Greybeards was composed of only four guys, but they get the job done. Great voice acting done for Arngeir by Christopher Plummer.

On my way back down the slopes a dragon soared by, roaring as he went – it was a fantastic moment.

Equally fantastic (although in a different way as you’ll see) was the attack in Ivarstead by the cultists of Miraak. I say “fantastic” because it made sense story wise. I’ve just been confirmed as legit Dragonborn and boom! I have a potential rival.

skyrim miraak cultist
Cultists gotta cult

Despite the distance word can travel fast in Skyrim so the cultists showing up was a cool reaction to my actions and standing in the game. The note they carried added to the realism and it was well done.

Another cool reaction? The guards of Ivarstead being able to kill one of the cultists! It was a combined effort but I didn’t expect much of the local guard; I am justly reprimanded.

If you’re looking for a good guard-training I can wholeheartedly recommend the Ivarstead group. They know their business.

Completed Quests:

  • Climb the Steps
  • The Way of the Voice

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