Skyrim Scripted, Page 16

A bounty on a nearby giant is what sent me there, but the city of Windhelm has much more to offer. This was my first time walking up to the imposing gate and taking the in sights, and the city looks amazing.

City of Windhelm
Home of your Friendly Stormcloak Rebellion

I love the architecture, the windows, etc. The whole place has a Viking-vibe that I appreciate and it was great to be in another fully-developed city besides Whiterun.

Don’t get me wrong, Whiterun is great – but variety is always welcome.

A new city means new people, and the residents of Windhelm are varied and unique as I get to know the people at the heart of the Stormcloak Rebellion.

Who I’ve bumped into so far:

  • Brumwulf Free-Winter doesn’t like the direction Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak is taking the city, or Skyrim for that matter
  • Galmar Stone-Fist, Ulfric’s right-hand man, is quite the single-minded warrior. Hearing his interactions with the Jarl is interesting
  • Invested 500 in Wuunferth the Unliving; I think it’s funny how the Jarl and his Court Wizard don’t get on at all, but still help each other
  • Invested 500 in Revyn Sadri, but then found out he had some stolen merchandise (a ring). I’m not sure if he’s supposed to be entirely trusted, or if giving the ring back is an entirely good thing
  • A courier ran up and I was informed that Angrenor Once-Honored has died and left me some money. I was find with that, but then come upon his body in the Gray Quarter. What’s going on?

So the new people are cool, and some great new location as well. Candlehearth Hall is a great multi-level hub of the city and the New Gnisis Cornerclub tavern offers the visitor a more run-down establishment should you wish to visit. Both locations are unique and tell a story about what the city is like for its residents, depending on who they are.

Windhelm is just what it should be – a new epic location where stories have been told before I got there, and I’ll help tell a few during my time in the city.

Windhelm symbol
Founded by Ysgramor

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