Arrested Development

The second half of the fifth season of Arrested Development has recently come out on Netflix and here are my quick thoughts on where things are at.

I got into the series based solely on the need to enhance my references library; getting together with a group of friends meant lines and moments would be dropped from the show continually and it was time I was in on the joke.

Overall (especially seasons one through three) I’ve enjoyed the show – the writing is fantastic and there’s just enough heart, if even a sliver, in the characters for you to care about them.

But the last two seasons have been rough; remember that sliver of heart I mentioned? It’s nonexistent in the two most recent seasons so the family’s schemes become progressively harder to take.

Watching dysfunction can be funny, but when there’s no one to root for it becomes more of a chore than an entertainment.

I’ll eventually get to the second half of season five, but I’m looking for improvement rather than getting together with the gang again.


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