Shin Godzilla

Finished Shin Godzilla on January 3rd of this year and it was a powerful movie to start the year out on.

Godzilla like I’ve never seen him before; evil, terrifying and something that needs to be destroyed.

I’ve been a fan ever since I was a kid of the radioactive titan but this movie made me see the monster as I imagine viewers would have seen him in 1954.

The Japanese-made movie was shot in a way I was unaccustomed to as well with the many players in the political and military situation all getting quick cuts and their own plot threads.

I enjoyed the movie and it’s given me more to think about than the latest incarnation of Godzilla; the responsibility of a government to its people in a crisis, how Japan has (must?) changed post-World War II, will the island nation ever be viewed by America as not post-WWII?

A thinking man’s Godzilla is what the tagline for this movie could be. Well done.

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