Ronin (1998)

Recently watched Ronin (1998) and enjoyed the ride, a couple of quick thoughts follow.

Bourne Yesterday

Bouncing around articles and reviews it seems the car chase was a sensation in the year of our Lord 1989, but being a Jason Bourne fan it wasn’t a revelation for me. Good stuff, just not as stand out as it seemed to be at the time

Mixing Things Up

It was interesting how it seemed to be about one thing and them moved to another. We were always tracking with the mysterious case, but there were surprises – the twist of who Deirdre’s handler was and his motivations as well as Sam’s (main character) reasons for doing what he did.

I also enjoyed the film for what it didn’t do – I thought for sure Sean Bean’s character was going to factor back into the plot but he really was just let go. No revenge? No circling back around to him plotting with the bad guys trying to get even? I liked the move and didn’t expect it.

Planning It Out

Really appreciated the build-up to the “heist” and how they went about planning every detail. Showing Sam’s character gradually take charge as the one with the most knowledge and ability was well done and it made his character’s abilities believable.

When the action does come out in the full force its earned the right away because the characters in the story have as much riding on it as we do.

Final Thought

Good not great is how I come down on it.



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