3 Days of the Condor

We watched 3 Days of the Condor (1975) on a whim, it popping up on Amazon and the trailer looked interesting.

Wow. I haven’t disliked a movie this much in a long time, and it was primarily due to the Kathy Hale character. I could not understand her behavior to this stranger who takes her hostage and breaks into her apartment.

To be sure the Turner character I don’t believe or understand that much either, but you could use “desperation” and “wanting to get laid” as his motivations and I guess I can see that.

Viewing the film during the post-Watergate time it was made helps to see how one could give it higher marks, and I wanted to like it and get what the film was trying to do.

But with these characters I could not. People find themselves in bizarre situations but the inadequately explained closeness of their relationship was more bizarre than the plot.

CIA conspiracies and justified paranoia were believable but the humans who had these emotions were not.

The one bright moment was Joubert’s “turn” near the end of the film and his discussion with Turner.

Thank you.

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