Skyrim Scripted, Page 19

The quests are coming fast and furious!

  • “Trouble in Skyrim” – Took out the leader of Silent Moons Camp, then returned to the Companions and told everyone. They were happy I did the thing they told me to do. Huzzah for following orders!
  • “In My Time of Need” – I had completed this one before so it was a redo, however I hesitated when deciding to side with Saadia. In the end I chose her, but with no real evidence either way eliminating Kematu and his crew at Swindler’s Den was a touch choice. Only the Redguard  of Hammerfell know the truth, and perhaps not even they are certain.
  • “A Blade in the Dark” – Delphine from Riverwood turns out to be a member of the forgotten Blades; we traveled to Kynesgrove and saw the craziness that was happening with the dragons. I took one out and she now believes I am Dragonborn (ya think?). The secret passage downstairs was cool; I liked that she had a batcave at the Sleeping Giant Inn.
Skyrim Ustengrav
Ustengrav, Nordic Ruin of Mystery
  • “The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller” – When you get to the end of Ustengrav (an ancient Nord ruin and an impressive zone) where the horn is supposed to be and you only discover a note it’s hilarious. Epic to funny in two seconds flat; impressive. When I took the horn back and the Greybeards and they officially recognized me as the Dragonborn I thought they’d have more plans/direction for me, but they just gave me a new word wall location and I was on my way. It does make sense in that they’ve been waiting for the Dragonborn, and now that I’m here they don’t see themselves as the ones directing what I should do in the world – only that I should fulfill my destiny.
Skyrim Windcaller quest end
Stay on target … stay on target!
  • “Proving Honor” – It was funny how Farkas just transformed into a werewolf and treated it like no big deal. The Silver Hand had ambushed us and he had no choice, but he just mentions it along the lines of “I think it might rain today.” Back to Jorrvaskr and I’m now officially a part of the Companions, the coolest club in Skyrim 😉
Skyrim Ustengrav Depths
The beautiful caverns of Ustengrav
  • “Animal Pelt Collection” – Got some pelts for Aela the Huntress. You’re welcome.
Skyrim the black star
Star Power
  • “The Black Star”– I chose to bring the Azura’s Star to Aranea after getting it out of Ilinalta’s Deep, where she told me Azura was pleased but still needed me to cleanse the Star. Azura then spoke directly to me and sent me inside the artifact where I defeated Malyn Varen. Nelacar (located at the Frozen Hearth, he was an alternate receiver of the Star instead of Aranea) had been more on Malyn’s side so he thought I shouldn’t have cleansed the star in the way I did, but he’s an idiot. It was disheartening that now Azura had no purpose for Aranea as she had been there to watch for the Star so she’ll have to work that out (I’m a solo adventurer baby)
Skyrim Azura's Star interior
Packtals of Fractals
  • The White Phial – When I brought the phial back to Nurelion and it was broken he didn’t care, thought the journey wasted and that was it. I thought his lackey Quintus Navale would then step up and give me a way to fix it, but no. Or maybe, not yet…

    Skyrim Phial quest
    Finding the Phial


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