Skyrim Scripted, Page 21

Fort Morvunskar is now clear and Naris the Wicked (a resident evil mage, if you could’t tell from the name) has had his reckoning. The Eastmarch breathes a sigh of relief.

There was a great view of Windhelm from this fort and something that never gets old in this game is viewing your path from a different location. That other visual perspective goes a long way to making the game fresh every time it happens.

Sigdis Gauldurson, one of the three murderous sons of the “Forbidden Legend” quest, was also dealt with. I now have all three pieces of the Gauldur Amulet and need to head East to where it can be reforged. I’m not looking to do that to soon, but if I’m out that way I may stop by and alter the course of the world. We’ll see 😀

I found myself next to the mountains south of Iverstead and then traveled across the autumn fields, through the Ruins of Bthalft (which were fantastic) and up higher into the mountains to Autumnwatch Tower.

Skyrim Ruins of Bthalft
Ruins of Bthalft, Ruins of Peace

There was a statue of Talos that I saw from the side that I eventually found my way up to, when going past the small shack. It just happened to catch my eye and I wondered how to get up there, so it was great to eventually find it by just wandering around.

Right before discovering the statue there was a slain minstrel and two dead bandits in the area. Had they fought, or did the local wildlife (aka bear) cause this scene?

Fighting the dragon on top of Autumnwatch Tower was awesome, a longer one as the creature kept flying all over the place. There was a Word Wall there as well making it another beautiful and extremely useful location.

Arcwind Point was another mountainous discovery, a large Nordic ruin tucked back in the Jerall Mountains. I didn’t expect the grandness of this ruin but like so many things in this land, you turn a corner or come over a small rise and something wonderful opens up in front of you.

Skyrim Arcwind Point
Arcwind Point, a Great Find

To complete the picture a dragon sat perched at the top, and after a mighty battle lay at my feet. There was a small tower right next to the ruins that offered a great view, which I took full advantage of to just pause a moment and take things in.

On the way down the mountains Froki’s Shack came into view and I picked up the “Kyne’s Sacred Trials” quest here. A nice place really, right on the edge of the mountain.

Skyrim Froki's Shack
Froki’s Shack in all its Glory

Heading back to Windhelm I discovered the Darkwater Pass and rescued Derkeethus. Only the lower entrance to Darkwater Pass pops up on the map, so I’ll try to remember in the future where the exit comes out at.

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The Atronach Stone was a great find; the reverence I feel when I come across one of the thirteen Standing Stones doesn’t really make sense except that the game may have that baked right in to the presentation.

Bonestrewn Crest was nearby and while there wasn’t a dragon this time I cleared the area and discovered the Word Wall there.

This leg of the journey ended with me telling Brunwulf Free-Winter the story of how I cleared Stoney Creek Cave. He was happy about it and I was compensated accordingly. Transaction complete!

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