Field Notes: Assault on Arkham

The Batman Arkham Universe includes Batman: Assault on Arkham, the direct-to-video release from 2014.

Batman Assault on Arkham banner

I didn’t know what to expect and but I enjoyed the movie – the characters and the setting were Arkham through and through and it added more life to the universe, seeing Continue reading →

Field Notes, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (theatrical version) last night and did so with the understanding that it was not reviewed well.

But that’s a good thing – when you go in with low expectations, the movie almost always turns out better then you thought it would.

Unfortunately that’s not the case (for me) with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – I’m interested to see where the DC Extended Universe goes from here, but this movie was a rough ride.

Biggest Issue

The biggest issue I had with the movie was the realization of Lex Luthor. I could not get on board with how they portrayed the character, and this is coming from someone who’s not steeped in DC lore. It wasn’t a “he-doesn’t-match-with-who-I-thought-he-should-be” thing, it’s a “he’s-more-annoying-than-evil” thing. Continue reading →

First Step into a Larger World

Star Wars

A little over a year ago I was able to do something that I’d been looking forward to for a long time – share Star Wars with my children.

If you’re a parent you know you only have a few precious years to teach your kids that what you think is cool is cool, so you’ve got to get on it. If you’re not a parent, consider this a head’s up!

I did not see A New Hope until Continue reading →

Definition Rejected – Battle of Five Armies

“The Defining Chapter”

This was in the official teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies.

I can’t remember the last time I took issue with a subtitle (although I’m sure it’s happened), but I’ve decided not to accept this last chapter in the current Middle-Earth film saga as defining the whole of it.

It's on the poster too

It’s on the poster too

Why? Here’s a quick chronological breakdown of what got me to this place: Continue reading →

Set your weapons for Hype: Stormtrooper Edition

It’s great to have a new Star Wars movie to look forward to, and the teaser for Episode VII The Force Awakens had some cool moments.

The Millennium Falcon dodging tie fighters across Tatooine, X-wings speeding over water, miniature droids on soccer balls – all something fun to look at.

But let’s cut to the coolest part – stormtroopers! In a sweet-looking updated Continue reading →

An Unexpected Journey

An Unexpected Journey

While I’m just getting to posting this now, I saw the first Hobbit film with friends and thought it was great.

It was my first 3-D experience as well and while that didn’t make the movie for me, it didn’t detract at all so I think that’s a plus.

While there are always nitpicks I have with how characters are different from the book, overall they did a fantastic job and I’m excited for the next one.