Solo: A Star Wars Story

Last Wednesday (6/20/18) and friend and I watched Solo: A Star Wars Story. Conversation and food followed, a great night all around.

Solo movie poster

Space. Western. Action.

This wasn’t a movie that I felt needed made, but leaving the theater I found that I was not only glad they did it but I wanted more – so mission accomplished.


Big Hero 6

We viewed this semi-recently as a family; the kids liked it more than I did although I’m not sure why I didn’t like it as much.

Big Hero 6 Title

Still Big Hero 6 was fun and had heart, especially when dealing with the loss of a loved one. It didn’t provide all the answers, but acknowledged the loss and the grief that accompanies it and that was well done.

Attack of the Clones

In early June we watched Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones; this was the first time for the kids.

Episode II banner

Cool armor and vehicles, so there’s that

It had probably been about five years since my wife and I had watched it and it was tough going, but we made it through.

I found myself explaining a lot for the group, from methods of romance (?) to geo-political procedures, etc. It doesn’t have to be simplistic, but it does have to make sense.

I’m glad it adds to the universe, but I’m also glad we can move on.



Paddington 2

Paddington 2 movie poster

Bear in London, take two

The first one was a surprise and so was this one.

The surprise? How good they were! Even more so with this sequel, where the characters are established so there’s more pressure on the plot to deliver.

You can eat your marmalade sandwich with no worries – Paddington 2 does great job with fun and heart, minus the cheese.

Avengers: Infinity War

We were finally able to check this one out and I continue to be impressed with how even though the offerings get bigger and bigger, Marvel is still able to keep everything coherent and flowing.

Avengers Infinity War logo

Assemble while you can …

My thoughts in bullet point form, spoilers follow:

  • Thanos was well done. I understood his motivations and those reasons made sense according to his warped view. It also made sense that it would take all our heroes to be able to bring him down (see “moon throw” for reference)
  • Three (two good one bad) different takes on the “sacrifice the one you love for the greater good” – Star Lord/Gamora, Scarlet Witch/Vision and Thanos/Gamora. It was interesting how many times they went to that theme
  • When the logo itself half turned to dust at the end, that was cold. Kicking you while you were down
  • I thought there would be more hope at the end, maybe as the camera pans back from Thanos giving the satisfied “I won” sigh and watching the sunset we might see Dr. Strange’s cape flapping off to the side or something like that
  • Dr. Strange being the man in this film worked really well for me
  • I found I was ready for Tony Stark to bow out. It was fine he didn’t, but again, I was ready for it
  • Who’s to say Ms. Marvel didn’t turn to ash right after getting the message from Nick Fury?
  • While I’m asking questions, since he can shape all reality while not just make everything half it’s size, then the universe would have enough resources? Or for that matter, just make more food? Answer: because it’s a movie and I get that
  • Great character interaction across the board, but Rocket/Winter Soldier was the best