Endeavour, Series 4

Series 4 of Endeavour furthers the adventures of “young Morse” at the venerable Oxford constabulary, our hero finally getting his promotion.

Endeavour series 4 screenshot

Detective Thursday continues to be the more relatable of the two policemen, but Morse needs to remain an enigma for decades more so the show’s job is not to give us all the answers. Or at least all the answers that make sense.

Finished the fourth series on April 11, 2018


The Saint (1962)

The Saint

I’m not sure what first drew me to this series but I was glad I took the time – interesting enough plots that this felt fresh in 2018.

Fresh from an entertainment standpoint, maybe not a societal one. I enjoyed it.

Finished the first season on April 8, 2018

An Inspector Calls

We recently watched the 2015 BBC’s presentation of An Inspector Calls, an adaptation of by J.B. Priestley’s play of the same name.

She enjoyed it more than I did; the twist at the end helped the preceding minutes make sense but that understanding wasn’t carried through to the end, meaning I found the conclusion unable to hit the high mark I felt the tale was going for.

An Inspector Calls main

Inspector Goole, circa 1912

There was a message, and the context of the upcoming World War, I get that – but the explanation at the end didn’t provide enough clarity to carry that message home.


Cowboy Bebop, interrupted

cowboy bebop


Cowboy Bebop is something I’ve heard about for years but never dived into, always hanging on the edge of “I’ll get to it.”

I seem to remember it playing on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network back in the day and I thought it looked interesting. Since then the vibe I’ve gotten about it is that it’s the greatest thing that has ever been done; or maybe it’s even better then that thing.

I’ve always been susceptible to the suggestions of others when it comes to something being “classic.” I’m defining “classic” here as something that is above any questions of “good” or “great”; the thing that is suggested is something that I have a duty to not only watch and/or listen to but to esteem and appreciate as something that enhances the human experience, that in some way pushes us towards a time when we experienced things as they should be – before the Fall.

Cowboy Bebop has that aura about it. I completed Session #5 “The Ballad of Fallen Angels” before things were brought to an abrupt halt; Amazon no longer has them for free on their streaming service.

So far it’s not a “classic” (using the definition I laid out earlier) to me yet, but we’ll see. I’m on board with Jet, don’t really get Spike, and am surprised that Valentine was more brat then femme fatale.

Those are my personal calls on the media so far but we’ll see where the series goes when I have access to it again.

See You Space Cowboy … (sometime)



Cardboard LAN 2017

October 26-28th of last year was our annual Cardboard LAN and not only was this the longest I was ever able to spend with the guys but it had the most variety in terms of what we played and did.

Board games, video games (including the NES Classic Edition), Mystery Science Theater 3000, real-life escape rooms, etc. This long weekend had it all!

The above is just a taste of the goodness we had that long weekend

And speaking of taste we had amazing brats as well.