1. Dear Reactive Bias- my name is Erik Merlin, and I am 23 years old and reside in Los Angeles. I am an aspiring Writer and Director, and have been interning for studios for about 4 years. Recently I got the offer to be a ghost writer, and am recently re engaged with the halo universe in a new, complete way. I have devoted my life to science fiction, and am currently writing my own “fanfiction” so to speak. I was wondering what has lead you to create this website and take your love of halo to the next level? – warm regards – Erik Merlin



    1. Erik,
      Thanks for the comment and for checking out my corner of the Halo community.

      The best place to answer your question is the first post I did, found here.

      See what I did there? I was too lazy to come up with anything original 🙂



  2. I appreciate the welcome, and your goals are admirable. Very excited for the next chapters in the halo saga as I am sure you are. Halo has such wonderful composition in story, and I think anyone who wishes to contribute to it has my support. Are you currently working on anything in paticular?



    1. Currently going through The Fall of Reach, and writing out my thoughts on that – you can check out the first part here – and just check back on the “Novel Reactions” at the top for future installments.

      The rest of my topics break down into different categories, and I post on those as things hit me. I’m really enjoying the “Conversations on Deck” right now, but there’s also a lot of Halo 4 goodness to talk about …



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