Kyle Hyde – disgraced detective and shelf warmer

Originally posted at GameSpot on August 27, 2010

In August of 2009 my wife and I were looking for a puzzle game and purchased Hotel Dusk Room 215 for the DS.

It looked like an interesting story, with a mystery to solve and clues to follow.

She began playing through it, but it just wasn’t quick enough to keep us interested. To enjoy a game with a good story you have to actually get into the story, and at the time neither she or I had the time to do so.

I remember helping her through one part (of course I’m going to record the one time I helped her!), but other than that I didn’t get far either. I began a game but just didn’t follow through.

All this said, I haven’t traded in the game which means I hope one day to play it through … but with game time being something I don’t have a lot of these days, it may be a while.

Post tenebras lux


A 3 hour tour … Yoshi’s Island complete

Originally posted at GameSpot on August 27, 2010

Back on July 3rd, 2009 I beat Yoshi’s Island with my wife and oldest daughter watching – both cheering me on!

The final battle was more epic than I expected, and a real sense of accomplishment came from beating the last boss.

With the cute visuals and bright colors I thought this would be a nice little game, something to enjoy and then move on. But the levels were well done, good variety, and overall I cared about playing/beating the game more than I thought I would.

If the test of how good a game is means you want to play the sequel, then Yoshi’s Island delivered. Who knew throwing a dinosaur’s unborn young could be so much fun?

(That joke taken from a recent Game Informer magazine – credit where credit is due!)

Post tenebras lux

The Fight is Finished – 2 year anniversary

Originally posted at GameSpot on August 27, 2010

Recently, the world celebrated the two-year anniversary of one of history’s turning points.

Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch. But what is accurate is the fact that this past April 12th was two years to the day that my brother-in-law and I beat Halo 3.

There have been several Halo games since and Halo: Reach is just around the corner, but in looking back Halo 3 was a worthy sequel.

Explaining (mostly) hanging story threads, great environments and enemies, and the last cut scene that actually gave me chills are points that stick out in my mind two years later.

Master Chief, Arbiter – I salute you. Thanks for the good times, and may we have many more.

Post tenebras lux