Thor: Ragnarok

The saga of my brother and I watching all of the Marvel movie sagas found its latest iteration in Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor Ragnarok header

The cast and crew … but mostly the cast

More fun then the other Thors and with a hero who seems to be enjoying the ride as well, this film was great.

We watched it together on March 3, 2018


Voltron through New Eyes

Voltron crew

Voltron: Legendary Defender

I’ve really enjoyed Voltron: Legendary Defender but being able to share it with the rest of the family has been pretty epic.

As of today we’re halfway through season 2 and everyone always asked the same question when we’re done with the latest episode:

Can we watch one more, please?

High praise I think.


A Sampling of Steredenn

Steredenn screenshot

Official screenshot of every player ever right before they bite the dust

While I certainly haven’t beaten the game I am playing through the challenging and fun Steredenn: Binary Stars.

It’s great in short bursts and I didn’t know about the no-save “feature” until after I bought it, but that hasn’t taken away any of the enjoyment I’ve had.

Sure I’d like to make it farther – and it’s thrilling when you do – but I doubt I’ll take the time to play the game enough to study each boss battle.

That my fault not the game, so no problem there. Like I said it’s just so fun that I don’t mind playing the early stages over and over.

A few of the kids have jumped in as well, and co-op was a nice addition.

Attack of the Clones

In early June we watched Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones; this was the first time for the kids.

Episode II banner

Cool armor and vehicles, so there’s that

It had probably been about five years since my wife and I had watched it and it was tough going, but we made it through.

I found myself explaining a lot for the group, from methods of romance (?) to geo-political procedures, etc. It doesn’t have to be simplistic, but it does have to make sense.

I’m glad it adds to the universe, but I’m also glad we can move on.



Paddington 2

Paddington 2 movie poster

Bear in London, take two

The first one was a surprise and so was this one.

The surprise? How good they were! Even more so with this sequel, where the characters are established so there’s more pressure on the plot to deliver.

You can eat your marmalade sandwich with no worries – Paddington 2 does great job with fun and heart, minus the cheese.

Avengers: Infinity War

We were finally able to check this one out and I continue to be impressed with how even though the offerings get bigger and bigger, Marvel is still able to keep everything coherent and flowing.

Avengers Infinity War logo

Assemble while you can …

My thoughts in bullet point form, spoilers follow:

  • Thanos was well done. I understood his motivations and those reasons made sense according to his warped view. It also made sense that it would take all our heroes to be able to bring him down (see “moon throw” for reference)
  • Three (two good one bad) different takes on the “sacrifice the one you love for the greater good” – Star Lord/Gamora, Scarlet Witch/Vision and Thanos/Gamora. It was interesting how many times they went to that theme
  • When the logo itself half turned to dust at the end, that was cold. Kicking you while you were down
  • I thought there would be more hope at the end, maybe as the camera pans back from Thanos giving the satisfied “I won” sigh and watching the sunset we might see Dr. Strange’s cape flapping off to the side or something like that
  • Dr. Strange being the man in this film worked really well for me
  • I found I was ready for Tony Stark to bow out. It was fine he didn’t, but again, I was ready for it
  • Who’s to say Ms. Marvel didn’t turn to ash right after getting the message from Nick Fury?
  • While I’m asking questions, since he can shape all reality while not just make everything half it’s size, then the universe would have enough resources? Or for that matter, just make more food? Answer: because it’s a movie and I get that
  • Great character interaction across the board, but Rocket/Winter Soldier was the best

An Inspector Calls

We recently watched the 2015 BBC’s presentation of An Inspector Calls, an adaptation of by J.B. Priestley’s play of the same name.

She enjoyed it more than I did; the twist at the end helped the preceding minutes make sense but that understanding wasn’t carried through to the end, meaning I found the conclusion unable to hit the high mark I felt the tale was going for.

An Inspector Calls main

Inspector Goole, circa 1912

There was a message, and the context of the upcoming World War, I get that – but the explanation at the end didn’t provide enough clarity to carry that message home.


“The most famousest of hobbits. And that’s saying a lot.”

Our eldest and I finished The Two Towers on the evening of June 6th of this year.

Two Towers Book Cover

Part two of three

Several moments during the read will stay with me for a long time, including the reveal of Gandalf the White and the aftermath of the events in Cirith Ungol.

Both were huge moments as we read and I’m so thankful we were able to share those together.


Skyrim Scripted, Page 13

After coming down the Throat of the World I’m clearing up some things for the good people of Ivarstead.

Narfi now knows that his sister has died; while not good news at least he knows what’s going on.

The “Lifting the Shroud” quest at Shroud Hearth Barrow ended up being much more than I expected with several expansive areas and mind-work to be done, but it was a great use of space and environment. A word wall, climactic draugr fight – this space had it all.

And what of the tragic tale of Wyndelius Gatharian! The adventurer who would locate the Sapphire Dragon Claw, only to lose his mind in the very barrow where he thought all his dreams would come true? To have the local barkeep have that very claw behind the counter while our man Wyn lose his sanity to the catacombs? For the secret passage to the secret secrets that Gathager was secretly searching for be RIGHT NEXT to his bedroll? In secret? Oh the irony! Oh the humanity!

skyrim wyndelius gatharian

Pity this Dunmer. Pity him.

Wow. I just feel bad for the guy.

Completed Quests:

  • The Straw that Broke
  • Lifting the Shroud