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May 18, 2015 was the first day; helpful article can be found here via “Art of Manliness.”


/r/Halo’s Book Club – a journey begins

As I mentioned in the last post /r/Halo has been a discovery for me, and one that I’m glad to have had.

One of the reasons for this is the book club they recently started, with The Fall of Reach being first on the list.

It’s always hard to find time to read, and having a schedule like this really helps me to plan ahead and carve out a space so I can keep up.

I’ve received permission from the mod who set this up – Afterbang – to post my answers to the questions he poses from each chapter here on Reactive Bias. That way you can follow along with me and I get to keep all my Halo thoughts in one place. Nice!

Feel free to join us over on /r/Halo or leave me your thoughts in the comments as I post each set of questions and my reactions. I’ve found AB’s questions help me look at the text in new ways, and I’m seeing things I didn’t notice before.

Halo Ann. Ring

The more you look the more there is

Good stuff, and reminds me of one of the strengths of the Halo Universe – the more you look, the more there is.


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Alpha Halo

Take a little time to think of what you are going to say for once said it cannot be unsaid.

– Emma, from the 2009 miniseries of the same name

The entries that follow, dear Reclaimer, are in a battle – a battle with awesomeness.

“Awesomeness,” in this case, is defined as an amazing community of people drawn together by the force of Halo.

The battle I speak of has nothing to do with containment procedures, plasma grenades or Section Three of ONI; this conflict deals with the idea that I could possibly have something to contribute to an already richly furnished multimedia landscape of blogs, opinions and videos that concern the Halo universe.

Do I really think something more needs to be said?

Thankfully Reclaimer, this battle has already been fought and won – or you and I wouldn’t be here.

The answer is yes!

I’ve always been fascinated (and impressed) by fiction that I can get lost in, and Halo has provided that. Whether playing the games, studying the fiction or talking with friends and family about either, I find that time flies by. I find myself thinking “how could I do something related to this for a living?”

When something has the ability to both speed up time and make you want to work on it eight plus hours a day, it’s time to speak up.

So here it is – my stated purpose for these entries:

  1. To chronicle the good times Halo has given me, past and present
  2. To encourage others in the Halo community – you are fantastic and you’re going to hear about it from me!
  3. To publish my thoughts and passion for Halo into something that those with authority can notice and therefore evaluate recruitment
  4. To follow through on my wife’s faith and support for this idea; quote, “you should do this!” 🙂

With these goals, dear Reclaimer, I venture forth with words that cannot be unsaid.

Please join me as your time allows.

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