The Life of a Royal(s)

The same day (July 7, 2017) we had our first game of Love Letter was also the first day we played Royals, a completely different game but still on our unintentional theme of courtly gaming.

There’s a lot to keep track of for the kids (and me too!) but it’s the kind of depth they’re just starting to get into.

Royals game box top

The board is quality and we had a blast playing it!


Courtly Communication

There are many editions to this game but the girls and I enjoyed the Kanai Factory Edition of Love Letter for our first game (July 2, 2017) together.

Love Letter Box Top

Vying for the affections of either the Princess or Price, we weaved our tale of courtly communication through several games and it was a hit 😀

November Gaming Weekend 2016

Our annual celebration of all that is good – friendship and gaming – took place last year on November 11th through the 12th, 2016.

What did we enjoy?

  • X-COM: The Board Game
  • Wizard People, Dear Reader (not a board game of course, but always fantastic)
  • Biblios
  • Love Letter
  • Odin’s Ravens
  • Keep Talking and No One Explodes

The best of times.

(A closing note – there were at least two other bigger gaming days in 2016 but those notes didn’t make it into this post.)


Splendor title

It should be noted that Splendor took over our lives for a point in time, around the weekend of January 9, 2016.

Not since Dominion have we sat down and played game after game of something and never get tired of it.

Another similarity Splendor shares with Dominion is that is has three phases: first, I win all the games. Second, she wins all the games. Third, she continues to win all the games in the foreseeable future. Phase four, we take a break.

We’re currently in the “break phase.” 😉

A Reformed Coup

December 29, 2015 – we played Coup and its expansion, Reformation, along with Splendor with CurrerBell’s parents.

coup expansion reformation

Her dad loves the social deduction of Coup and I had not played the expansion yet, so it was great to see it in action.

I’m not sure yet if it improves the original, but it certainly added a new dynamic which was fun and kept things interesting.