You must realize you are doomed

Originally posted at GameSpot on June 20, 2008

Conquered the galaxy this past Wednesday, June 18th, 2008, as the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Crushing the Republic never felt so good. Again, Star Wars: Battlefront II shows why it has some great replay value.

I think the game also shows how really little you have to do to make me happy as a Star Wars fan. Have some good locations, decent gameplay, and a very shallow “strategy” mode thrown in, and I’m good. Don’t misunderstand me – I really enjoy galactic conquest mode; it’s just that it seems to be the most basic of strategy that they could have used. (Actually, I think that would go to the conquest mode in the first Battlefront)

Be that as it may, my point is that I do enjoy the conquest mode of the game because it does just enough to be fun. I would like to see much deeper strategy, but the essentials are there: 1.) You conquer the galaxy and 2.) Actually, you only need the first one.

The ending was particularly satisfying; I don’t usually buy bonuses, I go right for the soldier types and fleets. I saved a hero bonus, however, for the last battle which ended up on Yavin 4. Darth Maul was the “hero” of choice, and I simply crushed the clones. Taking every spawn point they had except their base, I was able to run them down again and again before they could regroup. The last kill was a tossed light saber up at the last Republic clone, up in a high turret. . .it was beautiful.

As the CIS victory montage played, the feeling was sweet – and I’m sure I grab another round with a different faction soon enough.

Post tenebras lux


Grads, droids, and professors

Originally posted at GameSpot on June 17, 2008

It was my brother’s graduation party this past Saturday ( June 14, 2008 ), and along with great food and hanging out with everyone we got to play a little Rock Band.

This was the first time my wife was able to play, and while not a fan of the drums she rocked out on the guitar. My daughter liked the drums though, which begs the question – will I someday be wailing on the mic while the rest of the family plays bass, drums, etc.? Just something to think about, and not a little surreal. Of course, who knows what the game will have evolved into by the time that’s a possibility?

In other gameplay news, I’m back in the saddle again – that saddle being Star Wars: Battlefront II. Playing galactic conquest mode as the CIS (for at least the second time), and I’m about three-fourths of the way to having the galaxy under my control – “roger roger!”

Pound for pound, the game is still one of the best I own. Tons of replay value, filled with little moments that never seem to get old. An example? How about placing a timed bomb on a V-Wing, then watching the pilot scurry over to it, lift off. . .only to have it then explode in mid-air. Oh yes, THAT is replay value.

As a closing thought, my wife has played Professor Layton and the Curious Village seemingly non-stop for the last couple of days. When I call her from work, I can hear the theme music in the background. I’m glad she likes it, but I’m falling so far behind!

Rocking, bombing, and puzzling – the current state of my gaming.

Post tenebras lux