Halo @ E3 2014 – Halo: The Master Chief Collection

No need to rehash the intro, let’s get right to it!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection reactions:

Rumors notwithstanding, The Master Chief Collection is confirmed real and is almost everything I could want.

“Almost” you say? Of course! What kind of Halo fan would I be if I didn’t gripe about something trivial during a franchise high point?

Hyperbole aside, I’ve tried to Continue reading →


Shivans, Wizards, and Meta Knights

Originally posted at GameSpot on March 19, 2008

A few notes on what’s going on in my world of gaming:

 Freespace 2: Still plugging away, and getting closer all the time. A couple highlights have really kept me in it; namely destroying the Sathanas. After taking out all the beam cannons of the Sathanas in the previous mission, this mission (“High Noon”) was a piece of cake. The GTVA Colossus just wailed away with its beam cannons while I watched from a safe distance. All this was, of course, followed by a huge, satisfying explosion.

The next mission, “Return to Babel,” started off fast and furious; two squadrons shooting a whole slew of missiles at the Shivan cruisers, and they respond by promptly blowing up. I have to say these recent missions are really showing off the game – saving the best for last, so to speak.

After the discovery of another (or several, I couldn’t see in the nebula) Sathanas juggernaut located around a newly-discovered Knossos portal in the next mission (Mission 33: “Straight, No Chaser”), the enemy toasted the GVD Psamtik and I was jumping out of the nebula. This brings me to Mission 34: “Argonautica,” where I’m trying to save the good ol’ GTD Aquitaine.

Will I be able to do it? Is it possible that I will finish a game that has owned me for nearly ten years? Stay tuned!

– Puzzle Quest: Level seven with my wizard. My wife is currently on the highest level possible (fifty), and I can only hope that by the time our kids have graduated from college that I will have caught up.

I’m stuck on a vampire bat, a bat which my wife’s knight could kill just by looking at it. Whatever level you’re at, the game is fun.

 Super Smash Bros. Brawl: A friend came over last night and brought the Brawl. We had a good time, but let’s just say I have to get used to the idea that winning isn’t everything.

Post tenebras lux

My other ride is the GTVA Colossus

Originally posted at GameSpot on March 5, 2008

I haven’t played it since last December, but two nights ago I hooked up Freespace 2 again and actually made some progress. Last night I made it to the mission “Rebels & and Renegades,” having decided to take the assignment offered to me by the special operations.

Naturally, I failed the first time through and was executed. NTF policies are harsh, but what can you do?

And now, some random thoughts on the game:

– According to various game guides, this Special Operations story loop is three missions long, so I hope to complete it soon and get back to the main campaign. This “side quest” will be interesting, but I hope I don’t get bogged down on a tough mission – something like that could make me put the game away for another few months (or years), and then I’ll never finish this thing.

– Whatever the outcome, I’m glad to be out of the nebula – graphically, it works very well…but it still gets monotonous. Not to mention flying blind! Give me the cold expanse of wide open space any day.

– I’ll have to go back in the mission simulator and play the previous level, “Feint! Perry! Riposte!” when I have a chance. The NTD Repulse jets in and collides with the GTVA Colossus, resulting in a huge explosion. Unfortunately, it was an explosion I never got to see. There is so much going on with fighters after me, beam weapons firing, just trying to stay alive, etc., I sometimes miss some of the better scenes the game has to offer.

– The GTVA Colossus is huge. No, I mean huge. That thing flies in and takes up half the screen. Again, this game still has what it takes even after nearly nine years.

– The game really does a good job of making you feel like you’re a part of a futuristic military unit, from the first rate briefings to the in-game chatter. Hats off to whoever made that happen.

Post tenebras lux