I will play it here or there, I will play it anywhere

My wife played Dr. Seuss Matching Game with our oldest son on August 17th and he loved it 😀

dr. seuss matching game box top

He’s usually not able to join us when we’re playing a family game, so to have something on the shelf that he can join in on is awesome.


A wonderful, awful idea – reading the Grinch

He's hating the Whos

He’s hating the Whos

We read How the Grinch Stole Christmas! the other night as a family and it was pretty sweet; I enjoyed the Christmas special on TV growing up but couldn’t recall if I had ever read the book.

Now I have, and it was fun to read the story from its original perspective.

Having watched the aforementioned TV special enough to be able to practically quote it verbatim, the book seemed remarkably short (which is weird since its animated counterpart is only half an hour long) – and the buildup to the heist didn’t seem as epic.

Still a good tale well told and one I was glad to read aloud.