Rise and Fall – Spirit Animals Assemble!

spirit animals rise and fall

February 13, 2018 – our oldest finished the latest in the “Spirit Animals” series, Rise and Fall by Eliot Schrefer.

This is course makes me think about what my spirit animal would be … who knows?


The Royal Diaries

elizabeth royal diaries

She Who Would Be Queen

“The Royal Diaries” has been a great time for our oldest and this was the last book she read in the series, Elizabeth I by Kathryn Lasky.

History has always fascinated me and seeing her drawn into different time periods has been great.


I found Castle-Mate while browsing through board games online and so far I’ve played with my two youngest girls.

Castle-Mate cards

It’s like chess, but with cards. And random craziness.

It’s been hit or miss; I thought this would level the playing field more but the cards aren’t as powerful as I thought they’d be.

Perhaps I need to thin the deck to only the ones that will deal me a crushing blow if drawn? It’s a thought.

We played on January 1st and 27th of this year.

Post-Christmas Gaming Continues

We’ve kept the board gaming going into this new year with having my side of the family over for some good times!



Happy Salmon (six plays!), Codenames (or first time playing our new Disney edition) and Splendor all graced the table for what would be our first game day of 2018.