Back in the LAN again

Fact: The majority of social gaming is done online.

Cool Follow-Up Fact: Nothing can beat gaming with your friends in the same social space.

Concept art Exile

The map Exile (see above) was our most-used playground

A nice surprise this year was being invited to game with a group of guys who meet on a semi-regular basis to LAN, with Halo 4 as the game of choice.

My regular multiplayer is Halo 5Ā so getting back in the previous groove proved a little trying, however soon enough I was slaying with the rest of the pack.

(Not that I was any good, I just felt I reached my “normal” level of skill šŸ™‚ )

Many thanks for the invite and for the making of new memories while fondly remembering the old ones of LANs gone by.





November Gaming Weekend 2016

Our annual celebration of all that is good – friendship and gaming – took place last year on November 11th through the 12th, 2016.

What did we enjoy?

  • X-COM: The Board Game
  • Wizard People, Dear Reader (not a board game of course, but always fantastic)
  • Biblios
  • Love Letter
  • Odin’s Ravens
  • Keep Talking and No One Explodes

The best of times.

(A closing note – there were at least two other bigger gaming days in 2016 but those notes didn’t make it into this post.)

Cardboard LAN

LANs are great, be they video or board game.

The former is what took place on February 20-21 of last year (2015) and we had a fantastic time – games played:

  • Pandemic
  • On the Brink (Pandemic Expansion)
  • In the Lab (Pandemic Expansion) – first time played with either of these expansions, but I was glad I had someone else looking at the rule book. There was a lot more to keep track of
  • King of Tokyo
  • Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation – this game is always so good. Even when you lose, it’s always so close and goes back and forth so many times. Having said that I still wish I would have won!
  • Coup – we played eight games of this and I did really well, mostly because unlike The Resistance you can use the truth more to your advantage I think
  • Hanabi – first time playing this and really enjoyed it; the goal for us was to try to be perfect rather than just win
  • Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
  • Avalon

LAN Assault!

Assault and Glory Await!

Assault and Glory Await!

On one of the last Friday nights in 2014, a group of men met beneath the stars – and a roof – to rekindle the flame of the LAN.

Undimmed by time or online gaming, the LAN stubbornly refuses to go away completely as having everyone in the same place is something special, something that reminds us of the realness of the experience.

It’s to this experience that we raised our controllers and, bathed in the glow of big screens and comforted by theĀ smell of finely crafted pizza, proceeded to play some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

We played a few warm-up games but the real meat of the evening was Assault on Boneyard via Halo: Reach.

The teams were pretty even and we traded the bomb back and forth, strategies plannedĀ (or yelled out on the fly) and verbal barbsĀ traded – but our team emerged victorious for the most partĀ and it was a blast.

I’m really glad the event game together and a big thank you to those who made it happen, and who made it enjoyable!

October Gaming Weekend ’14

The weekends come and go – we look forward to them all week, and they’re gone too soon.

Yet truly great weekends find a way to last longer, a way to stay with us more than the two and a half days they officially take up.

I point to Exhibit A – a recent weekendĀ (10/10-11/14) – as my latest example of Continue reading →

Out of the Blue – Nameplates of Awesome

One of the hardest things to communicate to someone who doesn’t game (board, video or otherwise) is the friendships that seem to spring out of nowhere.

You can just meet someone on-line or in person, and if you have similar interests in gaming it’s easy to feel like you’ve known each other for years – such is the case with RM Bluethunder.

CurrerBell and I met him through Sal of HaloFanForLife back in the days of Reach and he’s been a regular presence in our games ever since – especially Snipers!

But he’s done more than just bring his ridiculously positive K/D ratio to our teams – he’s also given us what can only be described as the greatest use of Mega Bloks this side of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn:

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(Photography provided by CurrerBell)

Blue went to the New York Comic-Con back in 2012 and attended a Mega Bloks party where he scored some sweet sets, not to mention a few extra pieces.

It’s these pieces that he put to the good use of recreating our gamertags in tiny right-angled form.

These fantastic builds arrived (along with a few extra figures) and Currer and I were blown away – the time he put in building these, and the fact that he would ship them to us on his own dime … awesome, just awesome.

This post is woefully overdue, but CurrerBell and I are glad to finally give a big fat public





>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

An Unexpected Journey

An Unexpected Journey

While I’m just getting to posting this now, I saw the first Hobbit film with friends and thought it was great.

It was my first 3-D experience as well and while that didn’t make the movie for me, it didn’t detract at all so I think that’s a plus.

While there are always nitpicks I have with how characters are different from the book, overall they did a fantastic job and I’m excited for the next one.