A Tale of Two Didacts

Halo Silentium cover

The Forerunner Trilogy ends with a bang with Halo Silentium, and I flew through it in little over a night.

I ended up staying up super late, with a headache for the next couple days from the intensity of trying to read words for hours while being exhausted.

Should I have taken a break and took my time? Yes.

Was it awesome to read that way, in one big imagination-filled chunk? Yes.


My name was Chakas …

Halo Primordium cover

Read Halo Primordium to get ready for the last of the Forerunner Trilogy, and it was slow going for the most part.

You follow more of a human journey, but looking at the series as a whole you need this one – a second read-through will bring more out.

When will that reread happen? That’s a good question 😉

Falling Dominoes – from bruce to Bear

Sometimes you can follow an event in the Halo Community like falling dominions – each action leads to another, and another, and in the end you have a bunch of dominoes.

Wait, no. You have something awesome, that’s what you have! Here are the actions in this case:

Postmortem calls for fans’ renditions of the Forerunner Capital

Sword and Shield

thebruce0 answers said call

Sword and Shield

PM points out to the illustrious Mr. Bear that there is a freakin’ sweet illustration he should check out

Sword and Shield

Greg Bear agrees – freakin’ sweet indeed

(If you haven’t checked out Postmortem’s Visualizing the Halo Universe, head over there. He’s now on Round 14 and it’s great to see how other fans picture these fantastic settings and characters.)

Like I said earlier, you have something awesome – a great trail of creativity and communication that’s connected fans with those who’ve directly shaped the universe.


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