Galactrix invades and my wife conquers

Originally posted at GameSpot on August 27, 2010

Earlier this year on January 19, 2010 my wife was deep into PuzzleQuest: Galactrix.

We both really enjoyed the original PuzzleQuest, so getting this one was natural.

What was unnatural was how fast she beat it – conquered by the end of February!

Given that PuzzleQuest thwarted us at Lord Bane (both of us have yet to beat him) the fact that she sailed through this one with relative ease surprised us both.

Is the game easier? Is she that good?

I think both 🙂

 Post tenebras lux


St. Mystere is history / my wife solves the case!

Originally posted at GameSpot on June 27, 2008

This past Monday (June 23) my wife beat Professor Layton and the Curious Village. This was the first time she’s ever beaten a game, and I’m writing to say congrats! I still have yet to finish it, so she is ahead of me for a change.

She told me the ending is wide open, and I guess the sequel is already out in Japan – we’re both looking forward to that.

Kudos to my sweetness!

I hope there is more to come, and keep working on Lord Bane – you’ll finish Puzzle Quest yet!

Post tenebras lux