Halo @ E3 2014 – general reactions

The stars aligned this afternoon and I was able to sit down and watch the entire Microsoft E3 2014 Media Briefing live from the comfort of my own home.

The kids were told to play outside, so that meant the room was mine alone. Currerbell1847 was close by, as I had the directive to tell her “when something Halo” came on.

Ladies and gentlemen something Halo did come on, and with Continue reading →


Much is afoot in the Halo universe

2014 is here and much is afoot in the Halo universe

– Josh Holmes, Executive Producer at 343 Industries

The post title and above quote are taken from a recent post on Halo Waypoint by Josh Holmes, former Creative Director and now Executive Producer at 343 Industries.

It was the first sentence of his post and set the stage for the changes he went on to talk about that have taken place at the company as well as dropping vague mentionings about the next (major) Halo game.

While I had already mentioned about Tim Longo’s hiring last month, there are some other tidings to share:

  • Kenneth Scott is stepping down from his position of Senior Art Director, and Nicolas “Sparth” Bouvier is taking his place; Mr. Scott will still be involved with the studio as a Visual Design Consultant
  • While you never like to lose people, the idea that Sparth is taking over is great news. I really enjoyed the art direction of Halo 4, so the fact that someone who had a large hand in that not only makes sense but means good things are in store.
  • Mr. Bouvier’s style has always been fantastic (the covers of the “Forerunner Trilogy” come to mind), but if you need proof please head to his personal tumblr account here.
  • Kiki Wolfkill is currently “… developing exciting new stories, experiences and technologies that will transform the way that you experience Halo.”

Which means nothing at this point, since we have no clue what he’s referring to. However, new game hype is best served in small bites, and I think this qualifies. Delicious!

The last personnel change I’ll mention comes not from Waypoint but courtesy of (who else?) HBO and it has to do with Bungie alumni, “Destiny” creator and author of Contact Harvest – Joe Staten.

While he’s not a part of 343i, he is now Senior Creative Director for Microsoft Studios.

To put in another way, the guy who knows how to build fantastic worlds/tell great stories/conquer the planet in now in charge of making things cool over at Microsoft. YES!

While I didn’t doubt it before, I’m more confident than ever that good things are going on and will continue to do so in the Halo universe.


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New Year, New Hardware!

Originally posted at GameSpot on January 16, 2008

It’s been nearly four years since I’ve had a brand-new system, and to be honest I felt it would probably be at least one or two more before that event actually happened. But things have a way of turning out different that you expect, and I now find myself the proud owner of a crimson and black Nintendo DS Lite! Technically, I am not an owner yet – I just won the system on eBay today. And what a contest it was! But I need to back up. . .

The idea of even getting a DS, like all my good ideas, must be attributed to my wife. We were out on a much-needed date night, spending some of our Christmas booty when I mentioned the DS to her. . .again. I had been trying to get her on to the idea for a little while, but not pushing too hard. Then she offered an expression of pure clarity of thought that reminded me why she is one of the smartest women on the planet. To quote her exact words, she said: “Why don’t you just get one?”

Why don’t I? I mean, with the gracious generosity of family over the holidays, I actually had the cash on hand. And, equally just as important, I knew I had my wife on my side due to the fact that she suggested it. If I’m going to invest in something like a new game system, I want her on board – and I want her to play it too! So we talked a little more about it, and she was excited about the old Mario games, as well as the many board and puzzle games we could play together.

So now that everything has fallen into place to purchase the DS Lite, now I actually have to find one. I didn’t think it would be this hard – I mean, it’s after Christmas – right? Wrong. No one has them, and I mean no one. Not toy stores, department stores, actual video games stores, or electronic stores – no one. They all said the same thing: “No, and I don’t know when we’re getting more.”

Was this it? Was this the end of the line? Finally getting to this point, and then falling prey to the short supply of the product? Enter my ace-in-the-hole, eBay. It came down to a literal last second bid, but I beat everyone one out to score what I had been trying to get. Now it’s only a matter of time before I’m enjoying some dual screen goodness. . .

To sum up, I’m excited – excited about a new system I didn’t know was coming this soon, and owning my first portable system since my old Game Gear days. It will also be nice to play some Nintendo again; Microsoft has been getting all my money for the past few years!

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