Robin Hood

One of my favorite Disney movies growing up was Robin Hood, and bringing it home on blu ray felt good.

tom whalen robin hood

Golly What A Day

Please enjoy the above illustrationĀ done by Tom Whalen. It’s a great look I enjoy and it brings the movie new life every time I look at it.


Christmas with the Kranks

Every year during the holiday season we watch through a group of movies that may or may not have a festive setting and theme.

(Hint – they do.)

This year was the first I had seen Christmas with the Kranks (she had seen it previous) so I was hoping we had found another to add to the list of our rotational December viewing.

Christmas with the Kranks movie poster

I’m not (obviously) looking for the new definition of classic cinema, but I was looking for a decent Christmas-flavored flick to get into the spirit of the season with.

This movie did not do that, but a few laughs got me through to the end.

The Dark Tower


Dark Tower movie poster

We watched The Dark Tower mid-November of 2017 and had hoped for more.

We’ve never read the book series, but the movie had the seemingly massive good/evil confrontation that I enjoy with cool characters that could pull it off.

It was not to be however, as I felt the movie wasn’t sure what it was – was it a horror movie, an adventure movie? Were we supposed to understand everything, or just go with the flow and not think too much?

It finished strong but as someone who did not originally have an interest in the source material I wanted this to be the gateway. Not to be.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

king arthur: legend of the sword banner

Anything King Arthur related I’m there – no sell required, you’ve already got me – so I was excited about this film from the start.

I was disappointed, but the film does warrant a watch and I think there is a lot of good there. A powerful ending, fun lines and thoughtful moments are the high points here but some inexplicable plot choices that left you trying to figure out what was going on while it was happening brought things down.

If you aren’t at all excited about the legend of King Arthur from the start, then I think you will have a harder time getting into it.

The One that Broke the Spell

One of our Disney favorites growing up was Beauty and the Beast (1991) so we (she especially) had been looking forward to the live-action redo.

live action beauty and the beast

Tale as old as … well you know

Cinderella (2015) was well done (better than the 1950 cartoon I feel) and I took that stock to the theater hoping for another good experience.

This is just a short snapshot to record that we saw it so I’m not going in-depth here, but we were disappointed. Many of the additions and songs to the story added length but they did not add quality.

We saw the film in theaters on July 19, 2017.