Strongholds of Splendor

The second expansion we’ve played for Splendor is “Strongholds,” (we played “Cities” earlier”) and this direction made more of an impact on the “regular” game.

splendor game strongholds

Castles in the Sky

It played well although we need a couple more go-throughs so I can get a more solid strategy down.

Then when I lose it can be entirely my fault and I’ll be right at home.



Post-Christmas Gaming Continues

We’ve kept the board gaming going into this new year with having my side of the family over for some good times!



Happy Salmon (six plays!), Codenames (or first time playing our new Disney edition) and Splendor all graced the table for what would be our first game day of 2018.

The Splendor of the Holidays

It’s a paradoxical conundrum that we spend more time with family over the holidays yet when the good times are over it feels like we didn’t get to spend that much time at all.

Splendor title

To rectify that situation we had her Mom and Dad over on December 26th of last year and played four games of Splendor, and every game had a different winner. Couldn’t have planned that better!

Cardboard LAN 2017

October 26-28th of last year was our annual Cardboard LAN and not only was this the longest I was ever able to spend with the guys but it had the most variety in terms of what we played and did.

Board games, video games (including the NES Classic Edition), Mystery Science Theater 3000, real-life escape rooms, etc. This long weekend had it all!

The above is just a taste of the goodness we had that long weekend

And speaking of taste we had amazing brats as well.






Splendor title

It should be noted that Splendor took over our lives for a point in time, around the weekend of January 9, 2016.

Not since Dominion have we sat down and played game after game of something and never get tired of it.

Another similarity Splendor shares with Dominion is that is has three phases: first, I win all the games. Second, she wins all the games. Third, she continues to win all the games in the foreseeable future. Phase four, we take a break.

We’re currently in the “break phase.” 😉