“Cassian said I had to”

Rogue One

On November 18th of last year we finished watching Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with the kids.

They really enjoyed it and it was great to show them another chapter in the saga.


Before the Empire

The girls got their first taste of the prequel trilogy this year when we finished The Phantom Menace on September 19th.

phantom menace light saber battle

The Best Part

It was a big success, with everyone loving the film (even Jar-Jar!). Episodes II and III are on hold for now, but we’ll get there.


Shadows of the Empire

On May 24, 2016 I listened to the Star Wars Shadows of the Empire soundtrack while at work.

shadows of the empire soundtrack artwork

A few thoughts:

  • Feels like the original trilogy, and I do feel like I’m following a story as I follow the song titles
  • Reminds me Indiana Jones music as well, especially the beginning of “Xizor’s theme”
  • Made me think of the video game, Dash Rendar and the different worlds of that game, etc.
  • The chorus singing was a surprise, but I loved it
  • “Imperial March” during “Night Skies” was great, and the choral around it, then the Force theme as well towards the end of the same track. Great stuff
  • Joel McNeely also does several of the Tinkerbell soundtracks. Small world!