A Mind Changed and a Game Played

As a direct result of the Parentcast on Teabag or Die back on February 6, 2016 my oldest had her first sit down with a Super Mario game, New Super Mario Bros. on the DS.

New Super Mario Bros. screen

I had originally wanted them (the kids) to wait and play the original game first, see where the series came from, etc.

But my fellow cast mates helped me see that that wasn’t a good enough reason to make them wait; let them discover the series in their own way, and if they want to go back and play the originals that was cool but not essential.

A good point made and now the world’s most famous plumber has been enjoyed by all.


I Heart BR

I want to go on public record by saying “I heart BR”

– Quim Ninja lets his feelings be known as the latest Title Update for Halo 4 has recently gone live

A link to Dust and Echoes

Click on the banner (provided courtesy of Hemlax) above to hear Episode 35!

Mr. Tomsk has the Quim Ninja on (of Teabagordie.com fame) to talk about the new Title Update for Halo 4.