Love & Friendship

love & friendship

This one was a surprise – we watched Love & Friendship on October 3, 2016 and I at least liked it more then I thought I would.

Not as in, “he doesn’t like Jane Austen adaptations” but as in, “he loves Jane Austen adaptions” and thought this might not measure up.



The 2016 Twitch “French Chef” Marathon

On March 15 of 2016 Twitch began its non-stop streaming of all 201 episodes of Julia Child’s famous cook show, The French Chef.

Julia Child French Chef

While we didn’t watch all of them, it became a somewhat nightly ritual – something akin to comfort food where Currerbell and I would unwind and relax with a few episodes either watching outright or on in the background.

The comments in the stream were as ridiculous as you would expect, sometimes offensive but often hilarious.

It was a surprise treat to watch through theĀ The French Chef marathon.


BBC’s Broadchurch, Series One

CurrerBell and I finished the first series of BBC’s Broadchurch on January 6, 2016.

BBC Broadchurch media

Like so much we see from across the pond it was plodding, thoughtful, intense, sickening and a joy to watch all at the same time.

We have yet to see the second series yet as we just haven’t been able to muster the drive for it yet; we know once we start it we’re going to be in for a dramatic and exhausting ride.