Post-Thanksgiving Co-op

Recently had a game co-op night at my brother-in-law’s house and we played some new and old favorites.

In the new category:


Pixellated in all the right places

“A hack and slash action adventure, set in a fantasy pixel art environment” per its Steam page, Hammerwatch was the first game we played and it was a great start to the co-op goodness.

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HBOhio – Character Shots

It’s been a while since I posted more pics from HBOhio last April, but the recent Thanksgiving holiday has me feeling … well … thankful!

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the cast and characters that composed this play of awesome:

Thanks again to those who took the photos and made them available.


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I’m playing a game of SWAT and it’s really close

Can you tell me your brother’s new phone number? I want to tell him I’m excited about getting together on Thanksgiving.

Um … can I IM it to you in two minutes? I’m playing a game of SWAT and it’s really close.

Sure, no problem. (hangs up quickly)

This conversation just took place between my wife (CurrerBell) and myself.

While I’m always happy to hear she’s taking fools out, it makes it that harder to hang up the phone and think “back to work.” 🙂


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Dr. Mario and Tetris Attack!

Originally posted at GameSpot on November 28, 2007

This past Thanksgiving (November 22, 2007) was spent at my in-laws house, and a great time was had by all. Good food, great time with family, and all in the name of giving thanks to Christ. I could do with more of that.

As far as gaming goes, some cousins brought over the Wii and the latest Guitar Hero game (he had Guitar Hero III, I think). My daughter enjoyed dancing to that. We even busted out a little DDR. What better way to work off a little turkey?

What I found interesting, however, was not with the new but with the old. They also hooked up a SNES and had Dr. Mario and Tetris Attack! going. Both my mother and father-in-law love Dr. Mario; I’ve been told by reliable sources that they’ve been known to play for hours.

As far as Tetris Attack!, I think I’ll stick to plain ol’ Tetris. I didn’t really enjoy it that much – I enjoy the blocks coming down rather than coming up. But, to each his own. (It should be noted that this inspired me to play Tetris with my wife the next day.)

For the record, I stunk at both games. With a little practice I know I would start to enjoy them – but not yet.

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